Culture & Art 02.06.2015

A Bead in My Palm

Come, Meet and Learn

An exhibition of traditional Croatian beaded jewellery and jewellery making workshop on the island of Mljet

This summer, jewellery making workshop will be held on the island of Mljet. Participants will learn about the history of traditional Croatian jewellery, along with instruction and materials for creating their own contemporary designer pieces. It is the second workshop this year, and will start with an exhibition of the works from the previous workshop.

The exhibition opening ceremony will be held on Thursday, August 13, 2015 at Stara skula Gallery at 19:30. The exhibition is open daily, 10:00- 14:00 and 16:00 -22:00.

Jewellery making workshops will be held for locals and visitors on August 14, 16and 17, from 21:00- 23:00 (Please register at the reception of Hotel Odisej or by calling 098/285696)

People have always been fond of decorating and adorning their bodies, especially their clothes and exposed body parts. Thus, jewellery was created, which has often been an ornament traced on the skin or an adornment made of various materials, worn mainly on the head, neck, arms and legs, but also on clothes. Up to the present day, jewellery has developed as an important part of fashion, subject to changes and trends.

In the past, skillful women collected beads made either of precious coral, pearls, and shells or of cheaper materials such as glass and plastic. Women have always wanted to be noticed, but also, by wearing jewellery, they can indicate their status, age, social or economic background.

Sometimes yarn, hair or horsehair was chosen as the material to make jewellery. Jewellery made of plastic beads and plastic threads, sometimes shells and coral, bone or wood, was not unknown, especially in the area of Pannonia. The most skillful “masters” made necklaces, collars, Kraluž strings, Kraluš variations, Košicas, Grlinčeks, or little collars, by stringing beads on necklaces to complete their traditional folk costumes.

Aware of the importance of preserving traditional culture, especially the art of jewellery making, a group of enthusiasts from Mljet have joined forces with Dubrava People’s University which fifteen years ago, started promoting the development of traditional Croatian handcrafts through various courses of instruction. Their goal is to pass these traditional skills on to the students, as much as possible with the material available today.


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