Iconic Hotel with Unique Services and the Most Beautiful View in Town

Unique location

The Excelsior Hotel & Spa, Dubrovnik is located just a few steps from the UNESCO Old Town of Dubrovnik, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik’s famous Marin Drzic Theater, museums, galleries, cultural events and historical monuments, testaments of the city’s thousand-year existence, are all within a five-minute walk. This hotel of iconic stature and longstanding tradition started operating back in July 1913 as the Villa Odak for travelers seeking lodging in Dubrovnik. Decades later it became famous as the Hotel Excelsior, a popular gathering spot for many celebrities, politicians, writers and poets as a place to share their creative thoughts. Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, Margaret Thatcher, Edward Kennedy, Yul Brynner, James Cronin, Jean Paul Sartre, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Carlo Ponti, Orson Welles, Sir Roger Moore and many others have experienced beautiful moments at the unique Excelsior.

Splendid architecture and interior design

The facade of the old part of the Hotel Excelsior, known as the Villa Odak, is almost the same as it was in 1913 and fits well into the historical settings of ancient Dubrovnik, especially its city walls which are the most beautiful fortification monument in Europe. The new part of the Excelsior which was built in 1963 is distinctive for its contemporary structure of glass and steel which fills the hotel with daylight all year long. In 2007 and 2008 the Excelsior was splendidly refurbished. The project was a great challenge for interior designer Renata Strok, who did a fantastic job paying tribute to this iconic hotel. The interior design is based on 1930s and 1950s styles, combined with a nonchalant elegance and Mediterranean charm.


The most spacious in town, the hotel’s 158 luxury rooms provide cutting-edge technological amenities including complimentary Wi-Fi and LAN Internet connection, flat-screen TVs, interactive TV and electronic room control panels that allow guests to conveniently control lighting. A beige colour scheme is dominant. Every room has works of art by Armano Jericevic, Jagoda Buic and Romana Milutin Fabris, great Croatian artists.

Presidential suites

Excelsior Hotel & Spa has premium suites located on the top floor of Villa Odak(presidential) and the sixth floor of the main building(ambassador). Excelsior’s presidential suite is the largest in Dubrovnik, measuring 175 square meters. Classic furnishings are combined with modern conveniences and design details such as handmade linen with local ethnic embroidery. Amenities include: spacious living room and dining area, two bedrooms, office corner, small gym and the highest security standards. The premium suites feature spacious windows and balconies facing the Old Town of Dubrovnik, the city harbour, which got its present-day look in the 15thcentury, St. John’s Fort from the mid 15th century, the roofs of St. Blaise’s Church, the Roman Baroque style Cathedral from the 12th century and the Bell Tower.

Comfort Zone Space at Excelsior

In partnership with the renowned Croatian spa company Biokozmetika, Adriatic Luxury Hotels have created a unique and luxury spa called Comfort Zone Space at the Hotel Excelsior. 
A full range of various body and facial treatments is available, from just 25-minute classic massages to nearly four-hour long rejuvenation treatments. Options include both relaxation and detoxifying programs, as well as moisturizing, refreshing and regenerating facials. Thanks to its highly professional therapists, organic design and luxurious atmosphere, the Excelsior’s Comfort Zone Space is one of the best wellness and spa centres in the country. This spa area includes Finnish and Turkish saunas, gym and fitness rooms and a spacious indoor swimming pool facing the Adriatic Sea and Island of Lokrum. 


The dining room is divided into two sections: Sensus – a fine dining restaurant and Salin – a cozy hotel restaurant. One hundred square meters of mosaic, in magical tones of moonlight and sage, predominate in the Salin restaurant. Chandeliers arranged in a cluster resembling a floral centerpiece are a lovely touch. Situated next to the Excelsior’s celebrated Palm Garden terrace, the Salin restaurant, with a capacity of 120 seats, is the most popular venue for exclusive weddings, special dinners and other social gatherings. The Excelsior’s new Japanese restaurant Satu serves a full Japanese menu with everything from miso soups to sukiyaki. The Prora beach restaurant occupies a spectacular location on the beach with a stunning view to the Old Town of Dubrovnik and Island of Lokrum. This is an ideal spot for romantic summer nights. 

Abacus Piano Bar

Abacus Piano Bar is an iconic landmark at the Excelsior with such a long history and plenty of stories to tell. One of the most widely known and most visited bars in Dubrovnik was the favourite spot of famed Orson Welles while he was on holiday in Dubrovnik. Abacus Piano Bar features floor-to-ceiling windows facing the Old Town of Dubrovnik, the Island of Lokrum and the beautiful Adriatic Sea. At the Abacus Piano Bar the atmosphere is relaxed. Its original white floor is in place with a selection of beautiful rugs from Marrakesh which give the space an exotic touch. The most striking part of Abacus Piano Bar is its nearly 25-meter long bar made of authentic stone. The bar’s shape and form resemble the Dubrovnik city walls, which were the designer’s inspiration. 

Lavandula, Laurea and Salvia meeting rooms

Lavandula is the largest and most beautifully-appointed room of the hotel and seats up to 450 persons. Laurea seats up to 150 persons and Salvia up to 20 persons. Excelsior Hotel and Spa is the perfect meeting place for business leaders and state dignitaries.

Excelsior Hotel & Spa recommends and supports Dubrovnik’s finest cultural events:

Excelsior Hotel & Spa is a member of Adriatic Luxury Hotels (ALH), the leading Croatian Hotel Group. 

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