Mljet is situated in the vicinity of the romantic city of Dubrovnik and is part of a group of south Dalmatian islands. Covered in luxuriant vegetation, Mljet is a national park and home to two beautiful lakes, Malo and Veliko Jezero, which have made it a magnet for nature lovers and couples looking for an island hideaway. Away from the Dubrovnik crowds, enjoy its unique blend of fauna and flora, geological, historical and cultural attractions, and lush, green scenery.

Our two harbours, Polače and Pomena, are historically important nautical sites and pretty fishing villages in their own right. Polače is flanked by the walls of a 5th-century Roman Palace. Particularly beautiful is the island of St Mary on Veliko Jezero lake, home to an ancient Benedictine monastery dating from the 12th century, which UNESCO added to its register of World Heritage sites more than 20 years ago. Hiking and biking paths weave their way across the entire island, along the shores of Malo and Veliko Jezero, over the hills with their Roman fortifications, cliffs and rocky shores exposed to high seas, and through rich forests of Aleppo pine and evergreen oaks.