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Vapor Restaurant - Dubrovnik

Contemporary Mediterranean fine dining

A Micheline Guide Restaurant.
Executive Chef Saša Računica does magical things with it using herbs and spices and exciting ideas from around the world to create a playful new style of regional cooking that is attracting headlines. “Vapor follows the fundamental philosophy of the Bellevue” he says. “Everything is adapted to the wishes of our guests.” Take an armchair, try our cocktails and order the seven-course tasting menu for the full Vapor experience. A buffet breakfast is served every morning on the beautiful terrace.


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  • Degustation menu (withouth wine)
    525,00 kn
  • Degustation menu with wine pairing menu
    900,00 kn
  • Beef carpaccio with honey-mustard sauce MISAL ROSE, PERŠURIĆ
    . kn
  • Mushroom soup served with crème fraiche and truffle oil CHARDONNAY, ROSSI
    . kn
  • Warm shrimp salad with zucchini and carrots MALVASIJA, KARAMAN
    . kn
  • Roasted fillet of John Dory served on rocket risotto with beetroot and ginger sauce POŠIP, SKARAMUČA
    . kn
  • Yogurt sorbet .
    . kn
  • Marinated lamb with onion sauce and sweet potato bread DINGAČ, SKARAMUČA
    . kn
  • Chocolate soufflé MUŠKATEL, MARIJAN ARMAN
    . kn


  • CARPACCIO Monkfish carpaccio with caviar vinaigrette served atop Sicilian eggplant stew
    165,00 kn
  • SALAD WITH POACHED QUAIL EGGS Poached quail eggs served on a lamb's lettuce salad with roasted prosciutto and fresh pomegranate
    95,00 kn
    25,00 kn
  • BRIE CHEESE SALAD Brie cheese salad with strawberries and dried figs and reduced balsamic vinegar.
    115,00 kn
  • CHICKEN SALAD Roast chicken with black sesame served on marinated baked vegetables and a bouquet of arugula.
    100,00 kn
  • SMOKED TUNA ’’Smoked ham from the sea’’ served on a salad of rocket (arugula), radicchio and lettuce with extra virgin olive oil
    150,00 kn
  • SCAMPI Poached scampi served on a salsa of avocado and roasted peppers
    180,00 kn


    45,00 kn
    45,00 kn
    65,00 kn
    95,00 kn
    70,00 kn
    70,00 kn


  • SAINT JACQUES Saint Jacques in ginger and cabbage sauce with julienne bell pepper.
    185,00 kn
  • BAKED ANGLER Baked angler served with mashed broccoli and vanilla sauce
    260,00 kn
  • FOIE GRAS Pan-seared foie gras served with braised lentil and creamed baby leek with sherry vinegar sauce
    210,00 kn
  • HOMEMADE GNOCCHI Gnocchi in black truffle sauce with diced chicken and brown mushrooms, garnished with slices of black truffle.
    175,00 kn
  • GRILLED PRAWNS Grilled prawns served atop a pyramid of dark polenta with flambéed cherry tomato cream sauce
    155,00 kn
  • WARM PRAWN SALAD Warm zucchini, carrot and prawn salad with wild orange sauce
    155,00 kn
  • TOFU CHEESE Fried tofu (soya cheese) served with seasonal vegetables and seasoned with soy sauce and sesame seeds
    125,00 kn
  • VEGETABLE RISOTTO Risotto of seasonal vegetables with asparagus and carrots in tempura.
    120,00 kn


  • COD FILLET Cooked filet of cod served with leek and potato
    185,00 kn
  • FILLET OF SEA BASS Pan-fried fillet of sea bass with mashed potatoes, Dijon mustard and ratatouille niçoise (peppers, eggplant and zucchini in sweet red pepper reduction)
    230,00 kn
  • ROOSTER FILET Rooster filet served on a mango cream with black rice and papaya.
    200,00 kn
  • FILLET OF JOHN DORY Roasted fillet of John Dory served on rocket risotto with beetroot and ginger sauce.
    205,00 kn
  • LOBSTER Baked lobster with black noodles, cherry tomatoes and fresh broad beans.
    230,00 kn
  • MARINATED SQUID Squid stuffed with mushrooms, Scotti rice, prosciutto and fennel mousse.
    185,00 kn
  • SCAMPI Seared scampi served on a timbale of vegetable tagliolini topped with white clam sauce with chardonnay.
    205,00 kn
  • VEAL FILLET Whole veal fillet poached in truffle oil served atop wild mushroom risotto with garnished asparagus spears.
    240,00 kn
  • DUCK BREAST Roast duck breast served with poached pear in red wine stuffed with mashed raspberries with strawberry and balsamic vinegar cream.
    230,00 kn
  • LAMB CHOP Slow-cooked lamb chop (7 hours), seared and served on a carrot cream with roasted fennel and onion and garlic sauce.
    235,00 kn
  • BEEF FILLET “ROSSINI” Served on potato blinis with Parma ham and gruyere au gratin, laced with truffle and Marsala jus.
    270,00 kn
  • RIB EYE STEAK Roasted rib eye steak served with chickpea and sweet potato humus, served with fried onions in tempura.
    320,00 kn
  • PLJUKANCI (homemade pasta) WITH TURKEY Pljukanci served with pistachio pesto and roasted turkey strips.
    180,00 kn
  • PORK MEDALLIONS Roast pork medallions on barley with pecorino cheese cream, prosciutto powder and balsamic pearls.
    195,00 kn