Chef's Profile - Saša Računica

Sasa Racunica, the executive Chef at Hotel Bellevue, offers a fusion based on Dalmatian fish specialties and international cuisine. According to the Croatian media, this young chef is one of the best chefs in Croatia and is a brilliant master of modern cuisine.

Executive chef Saša Računica describes Vapor as a restaurant that offers gourmets the chance to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine presented in a uniquely 'playful' way. The restaurant follows the fundamental philosophy of the Hotel Bellevue: everything is adapted to the wishes of the guests.

Saša gives traditional Croatian cuisine a flamboyant twist – and it’s evident in every dish on the menu as he turns traditional Mediterranean cuisine on its head, creating something completely fresh and new, yet still inspired by the region.

“We are less interested in showing off what we can do, than in preparing what our guests tell us they want to eat,” says the chef. “That is why we don’t insist on following the suggestions on the menu strictly to the letter, but adapt our offerings according to the preferences of our guests and the availability of fresh produce. In this way we refresh the usual restaurant routine, add a new dimension to the satisfaction of our guests, and present our team with a new creative challenge for each meal.”

The focus is on finest seasonal produce prepared with an innovative and aesthetic twist, and complemented by one of the best wine lists in Dubrovnik. Small wonder that Vapor was recently named one of the 20 finest restaurants in Croatia by a panel of food experts.

“I believe that our local culinary tradition has a lot to offer to the world,” says Saša. “Luckily, all the latest expertise and technology are available to us today and we can train our team to work to the highest standards and follow the latest trends in gastronomy. We have the finest raw materials in abundance, and I am convinced that if we prepare and present Croatian cuisine in a modern way, it can compete with the best and delight the most discerning palate.’

Saša Računica’s philosophy would seem perfectly attuned to a restaurant that has quickly gained an iconic reputation as one of the finest in Croatia - a must-taste experience for every gourmet visiting Dubrovnik.