Nature and Climate of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s pleasant Mediterranean climate and plentiful sunshine have given the region a rich biodiversity. Residents enjoy the fruits of the thick vegetation that grows year-round along the south coast: lemons, oranges and tangerines; medicinal Mediterranean herbs; rosemary and laurel. There are, of course, many vineyards and olive groves, but there are numerous exotic herbs too, including aloes, palms and cacti. Flowers such as hydrangea, degenia and rhododendron add splashes of colour to the predominantly green landscape.

The wooded island of Lokrum sits opposite the Old Town, and it is a place of exceptional natural beauty. During the Dubrovnik Republic era, a Benedictine abbey and monastery were built on the island. Peace and serenity reigned on Lokrum thanks to the priests and monks, who dedicated themselves to its preservation. The island remains a tranquil place, with a park, greenhouse, botanical garden, reservation of rare and protected plants and wild peacocks roaming free. More recently, Lokrum was designated a UNESCO-protected Special Forest Vegetation Reserve.

With over 250 sunny days a year, the near-perfect weather conditions and warm sea have not only benefited Dubrovnik’s thriving ecosystem. With its fresh sea air and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, the city has become a haven for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.