Lifestyle of Dubrovnik Residents

The Dubrovnik lifestyle

Dubrovnik is well known for its relaxed attitude and invigorating Mediterranean lifestyle. Since ancient times, the pleasant climate has fuelled the rapid growth of agriculture, wine production and grape, olive and fruit farming. In the traditional taverns, as well as in the home, a wide variety of specialities are still prepared in the traditional way using recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Homemade cheeses, olive oil, prosciutto, polenta, figs, flat cake, rožata (a local pudding), seafood, wine – the local cuisine takes advantage of the region’s abundance of locally grown ingredients.

Formerly a busy city port, today Dubrovnik Harbour is full of old fishing boats, which still land their catch the old-fashioned way and transport it to the taverns, restaurants and city market while it is still fresh. Wine production is another thriving industry in the region. Dubrovnik Malvazija, Merlotina and Plavac mali are among the best-known local wines, which have a unique aroma and are highly drinkable.

Dubrovnik’s unique allure has won over the hearts of many visitors, including famous figures ranging from King Richard the Lionheart to actors Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Francis Ford Coppola and Kevin Spacey.