Discover a unique combination of Mediterranean climate and centuries-old heritage. Dubrovnik Old City holidays provide a fascinating insight into what life used to be like for this thriving, cosmopolitan destination. Within its ancient city walls you’ll find unique cultural, historical and artistic treasures, from fountains and marble-paved squares to atmospheric monasteries and churches, all telling the story of a dramatic past. Today, their painstaking restoration represents new Dubrovnik, a city filled with hope and optimism.

Dubrovnik owes its name to the Slavs, who named the area Dub (Slavic for oak) after the oak trees growing in the region alongside pines, cypresses, palms, orange trees and aromatic herbs. The origins of the Croatian language and its literary scene can be traced back to Dubrovnik, and the city remains an epicentre of culture, art, music and science.

Many important national figures lived here, including Ruder Bošković, who became renowned for his work in astronomy and mathematics in the 18th century, and Ivan Gundulić and Marin Držić, both respected authors whose sharp social criticism captured the history of Dubrovnik.

Faced with naval invasions and pirate attacks, Dubrovnik has often seen its magnificent city walls – an iconic symbol of the city today – defend the freedom and independence of its citizens. In 1979, the old city was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, putting this wonderful destination, famous for its unique history, charm and warmth, firmly on the global map.