The Croatian Way of Life

At the point where the Mediterranean cuts into the “cold” part of Europe sits Croatia, and its location has long influenced the way its inhabitants live their lives. From Istria all the way down to Dalmatia, the locals have built small stone houses, wooden boats and docks with their bare hands, adapting the landscape to match their needs. The regions of Slavonija and Zagorje are quite different from the coast, yet they too, have adjusted to their surrounds, building wooden houses with high rooftops.

Croatia’s ancestors left behind a rich heritage of folk songs, dance and music, and traditions abound in the national cuisine, too. Fishing has always been a way of life along the coast, something that has been kept alive in most of the towns and islands. If you set off on a journey through Croatia, you will come across numerous taverns and restaurants offering a wide selection of homemade dishes prepared using fresh, locally grown ingredients. Fish is plentiful along the coast, while inland, among the fields and forests, traditional meat dishes are still enjoyed today.