With its rich, often turbulent history, melting pot of cultures and old-fashioned authenticity, Croatia is a fascinating destination. Mighty world powers have come and gone, stamping their mark on this beautiful Mediterranean country – creating and destroying, and leaving behind a legacy of buildings, historic landmarks, customs and habits.

The indented coast, pleasant climate, breathtaking landscapes and warm waters of the Adriatic Sea are proof of Croatia’s amazing natural wealth. Protected from the cold currents by the Alps and the Pannonian Valley on the north side, Croatia is dotted with 1,185 islands, islets, cliffs and reefs along its coastline, which is more than 1,000km long and has earned Croatia the title of jewel in the Mediterranean. The coast is indented with beautiful bays and the sea is famously clear and rich with seafood. Marvel at the beauty of the country’s national parks and ornithological reserves.

Croatia has quickly established itself as a culinary hotspot in Europe thanks to its abundance of locally sourced ingredients, prepared in imaginative ways. Unsurprisingly for a country that embraces myriad cultures and traditions, Croatian cuisine is diverse and varies from region to region. Along the coast, it has a distinct Mediterranean flavour, with plenty of seafood. Inland, hearty, meat-based dishes dominate the menus. Don’t miss the chance to try the delicious sausages and cheeses for which Croatia is renowned, and the excellent local wines.

The entire Croatian coast, from the Istrian peninsula in the west to the most southern Dalmatian islands, and inland, from Gorski Kotar and Lika in the west to northern Međimurje and Zagorje, and Slavonija and Baranja in the east, have much to offer visitors. The people, the history, the nature and the landscapes will intrigue, enlighten, entertain– and leave you breathless.