Art Gallery

Dubrovnik Palace is home to over 1000 original works of art by Croatia’s most prominent artists such as Edo Murtic, Dusan Dzamonja, Jagoda Buic, Milutin Fabris, Arman Jericevic and many others whose breathtaking works you may encounter just by strolling down a hotel corridor or its stunning reception lounge.

True art lovers will love staying at a hotel which serves as a permanent exhibition gallery, and will especially appreciate LUNA+SOL, a quirky art gallery overlooking the Adriatic.

Located on the 7th floor, art gallery Luna+Sol presents contemporary art through exhibitions of renowned local and international artists, as well as recognizing young talent.

Open from March until November, this multimedia space features paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography and installation art and offers guests a chance to take with them a unique piece of Croatian art as the ultimate holiday keepsake.



Current Exhibition:

Take a look at the exibition catalogue.


Previous Exibitions:

April 9th - June 6th, 2016 | Tomislav Ostrman, Party Time Planet 

Through his creations Tomisav explores non-verbal communication and anthropology, taking us on a journey to “the Planet of the Whistlers,“ - a utopian, optimistic, humorous place where the main character is a sailor called “Whistler“, representing  homo ludens  - an ideal man of truthful and positive thinking. 
| Exibition Catalogue

August 8th - November 1, 2014 | Jože Ciuha, Play Without Beginning or End

Not many contemporary painters would dare to name the exhibition of their paintings “Human Comedy” as Jože Ciuha has recently done. This respectable Slovenian painter has been rightfully entitled to do it not only because of having great experience of cosmopolitan insights, and because of the certain universal reverberation of critics and galleries, but also because of the morphologic and psychological characteristics of his paintings. | Exhibition Catalogue